How Be Successful With Chihuahua Puppy Training

by Kristoffer Skovlund

Chihuahuas are a neat breed of dog that does require teaching just like any other breed. However, since Chihuahuas are usually kept indoors more time than they are outdoors, proper education is pertinent to the well behaved indoor pet. Following a few tips will help you to be successful with your Chihuahua puppy training.

Most every Chihuahua you meet is living indoors. One reason for this is they are small and do not fare well in hot and cold outdoor temperatures. In light of this fact, the Chihuahua puppy you take home will need the best in housebreaking. Being consistent by always taking him out at the same times during the day is the way to being successful with house training.

The food you choose to feed a puppy has everything to with how well your training efforts turn out. By choosing to feed on strict schedule and by feeding only quality food, your pup stands a much better chance at being successfully house trained. Giving tables foods can cause diarrhea and stomach troubles that end up in the floor as a potty mistake.

Being gentle is vital to how well a dog responds to you. A young pup is impressionable and if you yell or scream at him, he will be less likely to warm up to you. Bonding with your pup is important to how well you are able to train him. Keep an even tone in your voice any time you are speaking to a pup for the best results.

Never hit your pup or make loud and scary noises to keep him from doing something he should not. Behavior in an animal is solely based on good treatment and food, so rewarding him every time he does well with treats is the best to way to good behavior all the time.

The love and friendship you can receive from a dog is limitless and unconditional. For you to get this love, you will need to give it through the best care you can give. Make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of a pup before you decide to get one.

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How to breed pets in a safe and sane way?

by Joe Jones

You can make lots of money easily by breeding dogs. Any person with passion for pets can make a standard living by breeding their pet dogs. Female dogs lay 4 to 8 puppies in one delivery and each puppy can be sold at a cost of $250 to $700. Certain breeds of pups like pug can fetch even more. Hounds, Chihuahuas and Cocker Spaniel puppies are also very costly. Alsatian puppies are the most affordable ones available in the market. Any person can earn decent amount of money if they have enough love, patience and time to breed the dogs.

Imagine your dog gives birth to at least four puppies every year. It is $1000 dollars a year without much extra effort. If you have two dogs, the amount doubles. Breeding your dog takes certain responsibility from the owner's side. Decide whether you are going to breed your dog or neuter it when you buy the dog.

If you decide to buy a dog to breed, make sure proper breed with good demand and history of its parents registered in the kennel club is selected. This will help you find out if the dog will get any hereditary disease in future, which might pass on to pups as well. Female dogs are very choosy and avoid mating with the shown male dogs sometimes. The male dogs may try to hurt them in those cases. The owner must be careful enough to avoid such attacks. You should check with the vet previously and be ready to treat all possible infections and injuries.

Female dogs will mate with the male dogs only during the estrus or proestrus period. It is the not the case with male dogs. This period is generally known as heat cycle. Every female dog gets its first heat cycle when it is six to nine months old. First one or two cycles can be let free and the dog can be mated from the third heat cycle. Estrus period occurs once in six to seven months based on the dog's physical condition. Your regular vet will let you know the most suitable time for mating. They can also find out if the dog is bearing pups or not in three week's time.

Female dogs producing lots of litter suffer from mammary cancer and Pyometra disease when they get old. Regular checkups and prevention medications will help in avoiding serious problems. Puppies should be sold only after eight weeks of birth. If you really love your dog and have enough patience to take care of its cubs, dog breeding is a really profitable business.

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Chihuahua - Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Chihuahua by Ricardo Lumbardo

The only known breed to be naturally small, Chihuahuas are the smallest type of dog named after a state in Mexico where they got their name - Chihuahua. They weigh between 2-6 pounds and stands 6-9 inches average.


The coat of Chihuahuas have two varieties - the long coat, and short coat. The long coat is long, slightly wavy, and soft to touch, with fringes, and often have an inner coat. The short coated variety has short, shiny, thick and soft texture.

Any color or combination is acceptable to breed standards. Their coats can be marked, splashed, or solid in any color mixture. Their colors are commonly red, fawn, black and tan, sable, tricolor, and brindle.


Due to their small size, the Chihuahuas make it rather tempting to cary arround. But, these little creatures are very active, and are in need of daily exercise including long walks. They love playing, but this will not fulfill their instinct to walk, so they still need to go on daily walks to avoid behavioral problems and neurotic issues.


Chihuahuas are brave little creatures with big personality. They are bold, playful, alert, with the inclination to bark, alerting their owners to whatever circumstances they come near with. Some tend to be devoted to one person, with grace, humor, and fun. Although bouncy, this breed is not to be messed with for they can be hostile toward strangers and other dogs. They are great with gentle children, and other pets if properly socialized early.


Chihuahuas are smallest of the breeds with the distinct characteristic of being the oldest breed in Amerika. Named after a state in Mexico, it is believed that they are descendants of a larger breed highly valued by the Aztec royalty. Today, the Chihuahua has a fine bone structure, but are really muscular.


Each variety of Chihuahuas need certain amounts of grooming. The short-haired type should be brushed occasionally and wiped over with a wet cloth. The long coat should be gently brushed daily with a soft-bristled brush. Both varieties should be bathed once a month, being extra careful not to get water in their ears.


Chihuahuas are relatively easy to train. One known difficulty for this breed is housetraining. Due to their small size, some owners may try training them to get accustomed to peeing on a litter box. Paper training may work for some, but rarely. They would actually prefer on grass or other surfaces, making travelling a hassle as owners need to have a travel pad. But, if Chihuahuas are paper-trained, they will tend to pee on any paper surface, making it troublesome if they mistook a paper pad left on a floor for a litter box.

Proper socialization and acclimatization with new environment are important for Chihuahuas. They should be constantly exposed to new places, animals, people, and other dogs starting at the earliest.


An individualistic breed, the Chihuahuas have their unique personality, so few generalizations are made. Energetic, graceful with human-like appearance, they are deeply devoted and thrive on human attention.

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